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SPOX Healthcare is a leading manufacturer of medical diagnostic X ray machines, specializing in producing Radiology and Imaging Product for Human and Veterinary Healthcare..

Digital Radiographic System –

SPOX DR Detector portfolio offers quick, easy and an affordable way to transition to digital radiography. DR allows clinicians to view images in seconds, allowing physicians to immediately assess a patient’s condition and begin appropriate treatment.

Veterinary X-Ray –

SPOX Veterinary carries multiple options of new veterinary x-ray systems for vet, animal health. We offer multiple digital navigator systems, mobile table units, portable x-ray units and CR navigator systems to fit your facilities needs and budget.

Radiation Protection Equipments –

SPOX offers a complete line of radiation detection and safety products and solutions that allow these professionals to get the job done and the quality they trust in a radiation-safety device.

Our Products

All equipments are vigorously tested to maintain heighest standards of quality. See All Products

Mobile C-ARM

Digital Image Memory System: Permanent image storage in internal memory

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Fixed X-ray System

300 mA & 500 mA X-Ray machines from GME

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Wireless Flat Panel Detector

Better image quality with lower dose.i-sync 2 increased reliability with more sensitivity.

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High Frequency Fixed X-ray System

Ultimate HF 15,  HF 32,  HF 50 and  HF 80

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Mobile X-Ray system

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SPOX (APR)- High Frequency

Mobile X-Ray System With High Frequency up-to Ultimate HF100

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Driving the Digital Radiology Industry.

SPOX has an ever expanding product range to meet changing customer needs worldwide. From its position of leader in India, SPOX is spreading its wings wider, reaching are working to the entire satisfaction of our users who are in Goverment and Private Sectors..

Combining vast experience, technical expertise and sound business strategies, we have demonstrated potential to become a major provider for Diagnostic Imaging Products, its spares, accessories and Radiation Protection Equipments.