LF X-Ray

30mA Portable X-ray

SPOX 30mA is a truly portable X-Ray unit suitable for application in Orthopaedics and Trauma cases where portability is the main requirement. It has been designed to take radiographs at patient's site for his convenience. It's integrated and compact design (control and tube head in one enclosure) increases reliability and reduces weight. An easy to assemble and dismantle ratchet type stand is provided with the equipment.

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    • X-Ray_Generator
    • Line Frequncy
    • Input_Line
    • 220 Volt
    • Type
    • Portable X-ray Machine
    • kVp_Range
    • 85kVp - 30mA
    • Frequency
    • 50/60Hz
    • Timer_Range_(Second)
    • 0.2 - 5 (60 Step)
    • Technical_selection
    • 30mA, 20mA, 15mA
    • Tube_Head
    • 1.4mm Focal Spot
    • APR
    • Not Available