X Ray

Wired Dental X-Ray Camera

Dental X-Ray camera along with 3 meter wire, easy to carry. Low amount of radiation, safeguards patients and staff from overdoes of radiation exposure. Delivers fast response speeds and higly-accuracy output indexes Line frequency. Uses 0.8 micro-focus tube, ensuring crystal-clear images. The excellent radiation-shield protection for tube head Line-frequency design makes unit portable and compact, saving you space, easy to carry.

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    • Exposure time
    • 1-6 seconds
    • Leak radiation
    • <20µgy/h(12lb)
    • Brand
    • SPOX
    • Power
    • 220V
    • Tube current
    • 10mA
    • Tube voltage
    • 55-60 kV
    • Relative Humidity
    • < 80%